Patient Information

Our goal is to make your visit to our office as efficient and pleasant as possible.  Please take a moment to review this section to ensure you are familiar with our policies.  In addition, we have our intake forms available for you to download and complete prior to your visit.  This will save you time spent in our waiting room the day of your appointment.

There are several clinics in our area offering dermatology type services, but they are operated by non-dermatologists.  Dermatologists have specialized training in skin diseases and skin cancer that is not offered in other residency programs.  Patients should investigate the qualifications of their doctor to insure that they are properly trained in an accredited dermatology residency program.  Board certification specifically in dermatology is also important.  Be your own advocate and research your doctor’s qualifications.   Dr. Wingfield is certified by the American Board of Dermatology.