Laser Vein Removal

Vein laser treatment is a quick and easy in office laser treatment that targets and eliminates several types of vascular issues in the skin. 

These lasers use specific wavelengths that target blood vessels and vascularity in the skin. The laser produces a gentle burst of heat that can selectively destruct the targeted lesion, but without affecting the skin. When the light energy is delivered to the vessel, the vessel then coagulates, and is absorbed by the body.

  • Broken Capillaries 
  • Cherry Angiomas 
  • Red Scars (surgical scars or acne scars) 
  • Rosacea 
  • Vascular Malformations 
  • Facial Redness/Diffuse Redness 
  • Leg Veins 
  • Poikiloderma 
  • Bruises post injectable 
  • Periorbital veins 
  • Venous Lakes 
  • Port Wine Stains 

Face, neck, trunk, arms, and legs. This laser is safe to treat practically any area with redness. 

5-30 minutes. This treatment is very quick, but time will vary depending on how many lesions we are treating at one time. A single angioma treatment can be done in as little as a minute while a full face may take about 30 minutes.

This depends on the type of redness/lesion we are treating. While angiomas usually only take a single treatment, areas of diffuse redness will take a series of treatments. This will be discussed at your consultation appointment.

There are no specific add-ons for this service however this service can be easily combined with other services same day.

Very minimal. Patients report a mild stinging sensation. Our lasers have built in cooling systems to help minimize discomfort with this treatment. We also have a Zimmer that provides a continuous stream of ice-cold air during the treatment.

  • Minimal to none. Redness and swelling immediately post procedure is normal. In rare cases purpra (brusing) can occur. In very rare cases you can have a small blister in the treatment area. 
  • Make-up can be worn immediately after treatment if needed, as this laser does not compromise the skin.

Results sometimes can be seen as soon as 7 days, with maximum results being achieved 4 weeks post treatment for facial lesions. Veins on the legs can take up to 8 weeks for maximum results.

  • The vessels that have been successfully treated will not return, however you can form new vessels over time with heat, sun exposure, injury etc. 
  • Chronic skin conditions such as rosacea may need maintenance treatments more often. 
  • We ask that you wear a daily SPF of 30-50 before your treatment. Having a tan in the treatment are greatly increases your risk of complications such as a blister or a burn in the area. 
  • Some topical medications need to be stopped prior to the treatment of vascular lesions such as certain vasoconstrictors and retinoids. This will be discussed at your consultation appointment. 
  • Avoid spray tanning 2 weeks prior to your treatment. 
  • As always after laser gentle skin care is recommended as well as sun protection. We recommend a mineral SPF of at least 30-50 post treatment.  
  • You want to avoid things that cause increase in blood flow for about 24-48 hours post treatment such as cardio, outdoor activities in extreme heat, saunas, etc for best results.

Vascular lasers are unique in that the targeted lesions absorbs the heat of the laser bypassing the superficial layers of the skin. This means very minimal downtime.

Ideally anyone seeking to treat redness/vascularity in the skin.

  • Some darker skin tones are not ideal candidates for this treatment as the laser can mistake pigmentation in the skin for the selected target, which can lead to hypo or hyperpigmentation.  
  • Actively tan skin 

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