TED Hair Restoration

What is TED Hair restoration?
TED (TransEpidermal Delivery) is a completely non-invasive and painless treatment to address hair shedding, hair thinning and hair loss!
How does it work?
TED uses acoustic sound waves and air pressure to drive a specially formulated serum past the skin’s protective layer and deep into the dermis layer of the skin that nourishes the hair follicle and scalp. This depth allows your skin to absorb the highest amount of this serum for maximum effectiveness.
This treatment is great for:
Anyone experiencing hair shedding, hair thinning or hair loss.
What areas can I treat?
Anywhere on the scalp
How long will the treatment take?
Approximately thirty minutes
How many treatments will I need?
A series of three treatments one month apart is recommended for best results.
Are there any add-ons or enhancements available for this treatment?
What is the pain level?
There is no pain associated with TED! This treatment is non-invasive. You will feel some vibrations, and that is it!
What is the downtime?
You should refrain from washing your hair for 24 hours after the treatment.
How quickly will I see results?
Most patients begin to see new growth about 3 weeks after the first treatment.
How long do the results last?
We recommend maintenance treatments every 18 months to maintain results.
How to prepare the area before the treatment:
Come in with clean hair – no products (gels, hairspray, dry shampoo, etc.)
How to care for the area after the treatment:
There is essentially no downtime with this treatment. Aside from not washing your hair for 24 hours, all normal activities can be resumed.
What makes this treatment unique?
Unlike other hair restoration treatments, TED is non-invasive and pain free. There is no surgical cuts or injections involed!
Who is a good candidate for this treatment?
Anyone experiencing hair thinning or hair loss may be a good candidate for this treatment.
Who is not a good candidate for this treatment?
Because TED stimulates existing hair follicles, patients that have complete baldness may not be a candidate for TED.
Locations this treatment is offered at:

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